SmartBot360™ empowers customer agents by offloading routine tasks to the AI-powered chatbots.

With SmartBot360™ chatbots and humans work together through easy-to-define triaging handover protocols.

The intuitive web-based management dashboard allows monitoring & analyzing ongoing sessions, starting new chatbot campaigns, and directly chatting with users.

Increase customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, improve effectiveness of customer service staff, collect & screen sale leads, and achieve more with less!



  • Intuitive chatbot creation
  • Business workflow integration
  • Support for secure communication
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Deployment on Facebook Messenger, SMS, Web


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  • Low setup & hosting cost
  • Intuitive web-based management dashboard
  • Real-time session monitoring
  • Seamless handover to a human (and back) as needed
  • Chatbot campaigns


  • Robust chatbot flows
  • Natural language understanding
  • Clear ROI metrics (man hours saved, sales leads acquired, etc)
  • Simple scalability & expandability
  • Analytics
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Industry ExPERTISE

Our versatile chatbot platform can be used to enhance customer relations in any industry. However our specialty is in addressing the demanding requirements & unique constraints of healthcare businesses.

Our team has strong expertise & partnerships in the healthcare  sector and our platform provides both the secure & scalable environment and the tailored logic flow to handle subject-matter content.

Our chatbots handle tasks like provider searches, appointment reminders, evaluation surveys, and insurance benefits FAQs.

Learn More at our Healthcare Chatbot page