SmartBot360™ is a platform to easily create, manage and share AI chatbots. It empowers customer agents to increase their user interactions by offloading routine tasks to the AI-powered chatbots.

With SmartBot360™ chatbots and humans work together through easy-to-define triaging handover protocols. The intuitive web-based management dashboard allows monitoring & analyzing ongoing sessions, starting new chatbot campaigns, and directly chatting with users. Increase customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, improve effectiveness of customer service staff, collect & screen sale leads, and achieve more with less!

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  • Intuitive chatbot creation
  • Business workflow integration
  • Support for secure communication
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Deployment on Facebook Messenger, SMS, Web



  • Low setup & hosting cost
  • Intuitive web-based management dashboard
  • Real-time session monitoring
  • Seamless handover to a human (and back) as needed
  • Chatbot campaigns


  • Robust chatbot flows
  • Natural language understanding
  • Clear ROI metrics (man hours saved, sales leads acquired, etc)
  • Simple scalability & expandability
  • Analytics

Industry ExPERTISE

Any business that needs to provide customer service and manage customer relations will benefit from our platform.

Our team has strong expertise and partnerships in the healthcare industry, for which we built our first chatbots for searching providers, appointment reminders, evaluation surveys, and insurance benefits FAQs.