SmartBot360 was founded in 2014 (initially named SmartDocFinder) as a University of California, Riverside spin-off company.  The technology behind SmartBot360 was developed inside and outside the university, by an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, psychologists and industry experts. The company has been funded by two technology commercialization grants by the National Science Foundation. 



Vagelis Christidis

Evangelos (Vagelis) Christidis, PhD · Co-Founder & CEO

Vagelis is a Computer Science Professor at UCR, with expertise on text and big data analytics. His work on indexing, searching and exploring complex data has received more than 5,000 citations according to Google Scholar. His key achievements include the National Science Foundation CAREER award, a Google Research Award, an IBM Scalable Data Analytics for A Smarter Planet Innovation Award, the FIU SCIS Excellence in Research Award (twice), the FIU University Faculty Award, the Kauffmann Entrepreneurship Award, and a Samsung GRO award. His work on correlating Twitter and financial data in 2012 was featured by mainstream media like The New York Times, Forbes and Yahoo!.

Christos Kritikos

Christos Kritikos · Director of Product

Christos is a seasoned Product & Project Manager who loves to connect the dots between market, design and engineering. He has participated in several companies, consulted for dozens of clients, and ran numerous tech projects defining strategy, designing solutions and leading engineers, creative teams, marketing campaigns, and operations. His education includes a M.S. in Computer Engineering and certifications in Design Thinking, Product Management, Brand Management and Product Marketing. He is passionate about the convergence of technology & humanity and explores their boundaries through his Emerging Humanity initiative.

Preston Giorgianni

Preston Giorgianni · Lead Technical Architect

Preston is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for software development. While in college, he got involved with a number of startup companies building applications, designing websites, and managing backend infrastructure. His skills span a wide range of engineering areas allowing him to capture the big picture and architect comprehensive tech solutions. He has been awarded an Academic Excellence Award (2017) and membership to the UC Riverside Tau Beta Pi engineering honors society.

Ryan Stegmann

Ryan Stegmann · Senior Software Engineer

Ryan is a passionate software engineer focusing on frontend frontiers. He started programming in high school and has stayed the course learning & improving since then. He has worked for various startups both as frontend & backend developer with responsibilities ranging from UX design to server optimization. He is an avid supporter of the open source community and has been involved in many open source projects including a book that teaches frontend development (, an Algebraic data type library (crocks), and a reactive streams library (most).

Matthew Wiley

Matthew Wiley, PhD · Co-Founder

Matthew cofounded SmartDocFinder while a PhD student at the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UC Riverside, working on social network and text analysis, and on machine learning with emphasis on health-related data, He has worked at City of Hope (major research hospital in Los Angeles) and Kaiser Permanente, where he collaborated with information scientists and clinical researchers to develop NLP tools for clinical notes. Before joining UCR, he led the development of machine learning models for patients with Type I Diabetes at the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Ohio University, which led to the founding of the SmartHealth Lab and to significant publicity from local media.


Advisory Board

Rick Rawson

Rick Rawson, MBA, is the Chief Strategist and Cofounder of healthcare consulting company HC2 Strategies, Inc. Before that. he was the Interim President and CEO of Feather River Hospital in Paradise, CA, and the CEO of Loma Linda University Medical Center in Murrieta, CA. 

Dara Sorkin

Prof. Dara Sorkin, PhD, is a Health Psychology Professor of the School of Medicine at UC Irvine. She is an expert on social support and conflict, chronic disease management and program evaluation.

Robert El-Kareh

Prof. Robert El-Kareh, MD, is an Assistant Professor at School of Medicine at UC San Diego. He conducts research in clinical informatics and quality improvement focusing on the use of health information technology.


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