Create a powerful chatbot with the guidance of experts and control it as easily as your mailbox

Here are the steps we will follow together to build your dream chatbot, and enable you to easily manage it from a web-based console. The whole process is expected to take up to three weeks.


Only chatbot on the market that comes with FREE WEB-BASED monitoring and management dashboard:

  • View in real-time who is chatting

  • Directly message customers through dashboard

  • Export data to file

    Step 1

    You tell us how your chatbot should work, and the key information you want to extract from its use*. Here is a basic example. More sophisticated information extraction capabilities are supported, for example, extract the mentioned time or name from a sentence.

    Say “Hello, are you interested to save on your car insurance?” yes/no

    Say “Great, what is your email”

    Say “When does your current policy expire? Possible answers: “I have no policy”, “Within a month”, “In a while”

    Say “Got it, goodbye”

    If “No” to initial question, display “Another time, goodbye!”


    Step 2

    We build the AI-powered chatbot for you and send you a link so you can try it. You send back your comments and we do 2-3 iterations until you are satisfied.

    Chatbot in action example


    Step 3

    We deploy the chatbot to your Facebook business page, your Web site, or through SMS (see plan options below). 

     Facebook Messenger
     Click to see SmartBot360 Management Dashboard™ in action

    Click to see SmartBot360 Management Dashboard™ in action

    We also send you a link, username and password for the SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard™, where you can monitor who has been using your chatbot, view and download the key information extracted from each session, and takeover the chat when desired.