Create a powerful FAQ chatbot in minutes and control it as easily as your mailbox

  • An FAQ chatbot will let your users ask questions in free text, and will return the most relevant answer.
  • SmartBot360™'s FAQ matching engine is superior to competitors: when no question is a close match, it interacts with user to locate the closest available question.
  • You can place the FAQ chatbot on your Facebook page, Web page or SMS.
 Facebook Messenger


Examples of FAQ chatbots built by SmartBot360™


Only chatbot on the market that comes with FREE WEB-BASED monitoring and management dashboard:

  • View in real-time who is chatting, and which questions are unanswered.

  • Directly message customers through dashboard.

  • Export data to file.

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    How do I access to the SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard™?

     Click to see SmartBot360 Management Dashboard™ in action

    Click to see SmartBot360 Management Dashboard™ in action

    Once your chatbot is created, we will send you a link, username and password for the SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard™, where you can monitor who has been using your chatbot, view and download the questions asked in each session, and takeover the chat when desired.


    How does it work?

     FAQ Bot Logic

    FAQ Bot Logic

    SmartBot360 uses an innovative two-level matching approach to minimize the number of un-answered questions and maximize the user satisfaction.