Scale your customer relationship management


Empower customer relationship and service representatives to dramatically increase the number of reached customers, by offloading routine interactions to the AI-powered chatbots. Chatbots and humans work together, through easy to define triaging handover protocols. The intuitive Web-based SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard™ is the control panel of the platform, which allows monitoring and analyzing ongoing sessions, starting new chatbot campaigns, and directly chatting with the customers.   


How does it work?

  1. You describe to us your common customer interaction patterns, such as FAQs, sales pitches, or satisfaction questionnaires.
  2. We build AI-powered cloud-based chatbots to automate these interactions, and deploy them on your Website, on Facebook or via text messaging.. 
  3. We deliver to you a customized Web-based SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard that allows your customer service or sale representatives to maintain full control of the chatbots' interactions.   

How is it different from other chatbot platforms?

There are many platforms to help you build and deploy chatbots, but they don't offer intuitive tools to monitor the chats in real time, handover to a human when needed, or start targeted campaigns.


Any business that needs to provide customer service and manage customer relations will benefit from our platform.

Our team has strong expertise and partnerships in the healthcare industry, for which we built our first chatbots for searching providers, appointment reminders, evaluation surveys, and insurance benefits FAQs.  


WHY choose smartbot360™?

  1. The team's mix of business and research backgrounds uniquely covers both the business workflow and the natural language understanding components. 
  2. Low setup and monthly hosting and support pricing, aligned with your business incentives.
  3. Easily measured ROI based on man hours saved (e.g., for FAQ bots), sales leads acquired, and so on. 
  4. As your needs change, you can switch from a basic package to more customized services, where our team can help you integrate your chatbots to your business workflows.