ongoing client relationship Use case

Chatbots can assume the role of a personal agent for a client. For example, a chatbot may periodically motivate a client to exercise or eat healthy. Or a chatbot may help coordinate the care of a patient, by helping order prescription refills or make doctor follow-up appointments.

Facebook Messenger and SMS chatbots are typically more common this use case, given that they easily allow reaching the client at any time. Of course, they may then route the client to a Web bot for security purposes.

A key SmartBot360 technology that enables ongoing client relationship applications is the powerful chatbot scheduling platform, which allows creating future chatbot execution workflows, and assigning users to them. Chatbots may schedule other chatbots, thus facilitating an ecosystem of agents with the client in the center.

In addition to scheduling chatbots, clients may initiate requesta at any time. A key SmartBot360 technology that facilitates this is the use if hashtags (e.g., #appointment or #refill) to route the client to the right chatbot or human agent.



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