SmartBot360™ Pricing

Pricing for our chatbots comprises of a one-time fee to create & configure the chatbot, and a monthly subscription that includes the chatbot deployment, access to the SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard™ and unlimited support. Subscription fees start 30 days after deployment; this gives you time to test the chatbot before the first monthly payment.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee (from bot deployment)
  • First month of subscription free
  • No credit card required to get started
  • Cancel any time (see terms)
  • Free unlimited support
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extra features and functionality (CONTACT US for details/pricing)

  1. API to retrieve chatbot usage data
  2. Integrate customers database or leads for more personalized experience
  3. Call external APIs
  4. HIPAA compliance (including secure AWS instance)
  5. Customized analytics

*Additional fees apply when the chatbot description has more than 30 message types