schedule chatbots

Suppose you want to periodically activate a chatbot on a user’s Messenger or phone (SMS). For that, you could create bot welcomeBot that asks a user if she want to subscribe to the periodic bot wellnessBot. Here are the steps.


Create wellnessBot in Bot Builder, which you could for example remind the user to walk 100 steps, or ask the user how many hour she slept.

step 2

Create a Schedule Pattern for the wellnessBot, that specifies that this chatbot should be activated once a day at 9 am (preferred time) on Messenger page (or on a Twilio phone number). For that, go to Scheduling page in Management Dashboard and create a Schedule Pattern as follows:


Create the welcomeBot and activate the wellnessBotDemo pattern created above when the user agrees to subscribe, as shown below.

You can alternatively manually assign a Schedule Pattern to a single user or to many users at once on the Scheduling page.

Or you can simply assign a schedule to a user on the Dashboard page