Twilio Bot Deployment Instructions VIA the SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard™

Twilio Phone Number

The Twilio phone where you want to deploy the chatbot. To see your phone number, after logging into your Twilio account, navigate to the “Phone Numbers” (or WhatsApp numbers if you are deploying on WhatsApp) tab on the left

You should be able to find the phone number you want to use in this section. Enter the number into the textbox with the “+” included, like this: +12304567890.


While on this page, you need to set the webhook. After clicking on the phone number you want to use, at the bottom of that page, there is a “Messaging” section.

In the box next to "A MESSAGE COMES IN" type hostURL/sms/webhook, where hostURL is the URL of the SmartBot360 Management Dashboard where you login. For example, if you login to, then enter (don't forget the https:// and the /sms/webhook parts). Leave the rest to the default values (Webhook, HTTP POST).

Account SID and Auth Token

After logging into your Twilio account, navigate to your “Console Dashboard”

Your account SID and auth token are located in this section. You can copy and paste this information directly into the text boxes.



If you are deploying the bot from the Manage Deployments page, you must also select a bot:

Select a bot from the drop down menu and activate the deployment.

The bot should start working in a few seconds.

To test it, send an SMS message to the selected Twilio phone number.