Promote PATIENT AND Employee Well-being

HIPAA compliance chatbot

Deploy in Minutes, No Coding Necessary

  • Do-it-yourself or we’ll set up your chatbots for free

  • Intuitive business workflow integration

  • Quick deployment on Web pages, Facebook Messenger, and SMS

  • Just select the functionality you want and we’ll take care of the rest

  • Full support and assistance every step of the way

  • No coding experience needed to deploy in minutes 

medical chatbot administration


  • Low setup & hosting cost

  • Intuitive web-based management dashboard

  • Real-time session monitoring

  • Seamless handover to a human (and back) as needed

  • Chatbot campaigns

healthcare chatbot analytics


  • Robust chatbot flows

  • Natural language understanding

  • Clear ROI metrics (man hours saved, sales leads acquired, etc)

  • Scalable to your exact needs

  • Automate routine tasks and get analytics to guide future insights


Free 2-Week Trial | Free Setup (DIY or We do it for you) | No Credit Card Required | Plans from $39 per month


Here is Why Our Clients Love Our AI-Powered Chatbots

SmartBot360 Complete Wellness

Automate Routine Tasks for Greater Efficiency and Care

Our chatbots help patients take control of their health while freeing up staff time from performing routine tasks like provider searches, appointment reminders, evaluation surveys, and insurance benefits FAQs.

SmartBot360 Complete Wellness

Try Us Risk Free and With No Investment of Time or Resources

All clients enjoy a free 2-week trial with no set-up or training necessary. Just tell us the features you want enabled, we’ll program your chatbots, and see for yourself. No credit card required.

SmartBot360 Complete Wellness

Enhance Patient Wellness and Care on Autopilot

Our chatbots will answer all questions in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment to help patients stay informed, on track, and funneled to the appropriate agents as needed - all on autopilot.

SmartBot360 Complete Wellness

Prices Start at Just $39/Month

For around the cost of 1-2 hours of staff time, our AI powered chatbots can automate patient wellness programs, streamline appointment/reminders, and ultimately improve your bottom line.


Free 2-Week Trial | Free Setup (DIY or We do it for you) | No Credit Card Required | Plans from $39 per month



SmartBot360 Healthcare Chatbot

Healthcare & Hipaa Specialists

  • Chatbots Designed and Built for Healthcare: Appropriate for specialties of all kinds including Dentists, Chiropractors, Massage/Physical Therapists, Plastic Surgeons, Podiatrists, Psychologists/Therapists and more

  • Healthcare is in Our DNA:  Our staff has years of healthcare experience and contacts throughout the industry so our chatbots are 100% HIPAA compliant and designed to handle the specific challenges of the healthcare industry

  • Taking Patience Ongoing Wellness and Management into the 21st Century:Our AI powered chatbots help educate patients, provide proactive notifications, and ensure they stay on track to receive the best care possible

Learn More at our Healthcare Expertise page  


Health and Wellness with SmartBot360

Ongoing Health and Wellness with SmartBot360

Free 2-Week Trial | Free Setup (DIY or We do it for you) | No Credit Card Required | Plans from $39 per month

SmartBot360 Management Dashboard

Deploy and Scale in Minutes to Suit Your Needs

  • We Deploy Your Chatbot in Minutes - or DIY with No Coding Necessary

  • Integrates Easily with Existing CRM systems

  • Real-time Session Monitoring

  • Smart Analytics and Insights

  • Chatbots learn as they get used so Efficiency and Effectiveness Improve over time

  • Seamless Handover to Human and back again

  • Select the Features that best suit your needs




SmartBot360 chatbots


Low open rate

Easy to forget or neglect

Hard to customize

Not engaging to the recipient

Not secure

RESULT: Patient Leaves without Booking

SmartBot360 chatbots


High open rate

Tailored to needs and pace of patient

Easy to schedule and administer

Available wherever the recipient is (Web, Messenger, SMS and more)

HIPAA compliant

RESULT: Patient Books Appointment and Gets Info They Want


Experience the Revolution in Patient Wellness Today Risk-Free

You can build your own chatbots in just minutes or our team will do everything for you - free! Plus, we will let you try our entire system free for 2-weeks to see for yourself. No credit card is needed so why not see what our AI-powered chatbots can do for your healthcare practice today!

Free 2-Week Trial | Free Setup (DIY or We do it for you) | No Credit Card Required | Plans from $39 per month