Standard Chatbot

  • A Standard Chatbot uses a set of predefined multiple-choice questions in order to perform a structured conversation with the user
  • It navigates a decision-tree flow collecting information from the user


FAQ Chatbot

  • An FAQ chatbot will let your users ask questions in free text and will return the most relevant answer
  • SmartBot360™'s FAQ matching engine is superior to competitors: when no question is a close match, it interacts with the user to locate the closest available question
  • You can place the FAQ chatbot on your Facebook page, Web page or SMS


Secure Chatbot

  • Security & HIPAA compliance are enhancements that can be added to any chatbot
  • SmartBot360™ is a leader in secure and HIPAA-compliant chatbots.
  • Visit our Security page to learn about the SmartBot360™ secure chatbots