SmartBot360™ secure chatbots cover requirements for HIPAA and GDPR compliance for the proper handling of sensitive health & medical data.


SmartBot360 HIPAA-COMPLIANT Chatbots:

SmartBot360 HIPAA Compliant Chatbot
  • Use proprietary state-of-the-art technology to secure chats

  • Exchange sensitive information directly between the customer & the business

  • Bypass the most common vulnerabilities of Facebook Messenger, SMS and other chat media

  • Adhere to industry-standard security & privacy policies

Read below about our secure architecture and the issues it addresses


the Smartbot360™ secure architecture

SmartBot360 Secure Architecture

Keep Your Communications and Data Fully Secure

SmartBot360™ uses a dedicated HIPAA-compliant AWS instance for each corresponding chatbot.


This is how it works:

  • A chat can start on a non-compliant medium like Facebook Messenger or SMS

  • When sensitive information must be exchanged, a secure link is sent to the user to seamlessly continue securely

  • No registering or passwords are necessary, communication is secure & frictionless 

  • An agent using SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard™ can also manually switch to a HIPAA-compliant chat with the press of a button.


COMMON VULNERABILITIES addressed by Smartbot360™

SmartBot360 Chatbot Security
  • Man-in-the-middle

  • Chat log stored on user device

  • Encryption of messages in transit

  • Encryption of data at rest

  • Use of external NLP services

  • Logging and access rights


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