Organize users through Flags


Flags can be used to organize users (clients) so that an agent can view them separately, or so that different agents view different users (for example, a counselor agent only views chats of users who ask for counseling through a chatbot).

Assign a flag to a user

Use Flag to organize your chat. Automatically assign a flag to the user of a chat by entering the Flag on a box of a Flow Diagram bot while creating a chatbot. Then, every time the chat goes through this node, the Flag will be automatically be assigned to that user.

You can also assign a Flag manually to the user of an existing chat on the right panel of the CHATS page.

A Flag is also assigned automatically to a user when you the user invokes a chatbot through a hashtag (you can specify hashtags when deploying a bot in BUILD CHATBOTS page). For instance, if #help starts chatbot helpbot, then when a user enters #help, Flag #help is automatically assign to that user.

flag-based access rights

In addition to viewing user chats by Flag in CHATS, if you have multiple agents chatting with clients, you can give an agent access to specific chats, based on the Flags they contain. You can manage these rights in Flags and Agents page under SETTINGS page.