SmartBot360 API - BETA

The SmartBot360 API is only available in the Enterprise plan.


Sometimes companies have existing customer facing tools, such as patient portal web sites or mobile apps, and want to integrate chatbots into them. For that, we have created two secure API collections to allow applications to leverage SmartBot360’s backend:

  • The SB360-BotsManagement API allows invoking SmartBot360 chatbots, submitting user messages and receiving the bot responses, and more.

  • The SB360-DB-Update API allows accessing past chatlogs, adding users or updating their fields, adding agents, and more.

The two APIs have different security tokens to allow for applications with different access rights. Generally, the SB360-DB-Update API allows access to more sensitive information, and hence should be used with care. On the other hand, the SB360-BotsManagement API does not have access to past chat logs.

To get access tokens for your account, please contact


In addition to the above two API collections, SmartBot360 also also provides a Webhook to receive notifications in real-time of several types of events that occur in the platform, such as agent logins or logouts. For more details and to set your webhook, go to SETTINGS->Api in the Management Dashboard.