zendesk integration


SmartBot360 makes it easy to have bots create Zendesk tickets. Here are the steps.

Step 1

First, go to the SETTINGS page, and under Integrations select Zendesk. Specify your Zendesk account information as shown below.

Step 2

Go to CHATBOTS to create a Flow Diagram bot. The bot should collect some information about the end user (name and email are necessary) and then create the ticket. You can use the User Profile box to collect user profile information as shown below.

Then, collect the user’s concern, again using the User Profile box as shown below, by creating a new user profile field named “user_concern”.

Then, add a Zendesk box as shown below. Note that the four variables (user_email, user_fname, user_lname, user_phone) were collected in the first four boxes of the diagram. Only one of first or last name is needed, as they are concatenated into one name before submitting to Zendesk. When the bot execution reached the Zendesk box, SmartBot360 will create a Zendesk ticket for the end user specified in the four fields, with the whole conversation up to that box as the ticket content.