what is a chatbot

Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users. They use predefined rules and artificial intelligence to interact with users and respond to their queries. As such, chatbots can help businesses provide customer service and manage customer relations.


SmartBot360™ Core Logic

SmartBot360™ uses an innovative two-level matching approach to minimize the number of un-answered questions and maximize the user satisfaction.

 Chat with our Facebook bot to learn more about chatbots

Chat with our Facebook bot to learn more about chatbots


3 STEPS TO Creating your SmartBot360™ ChatboT

Say “Hello, are you interested to save on your car insurance?” yes/no

Say “Great, what is your email”

Say “When does your current policy expire? Possible answers: “I have no policy”, “Within a month”, “In a while”

Say “Got it, goodbye”

If “No” to initial question, display “Another time, goodbye!”

- 1 -

You describe your common customer interaction patterns (ie FAQs, sales pitches, satisfaction questionnaires) and the key information you want to extract from the chatbot. Or just pick one of our existing chatbot templates!


- 2 -

We build your AI-powered chatbot and send you a link to test it. You send back your comments and we do 2-3 iterations until you are satisfied.


- 3 -

We deploy the chatbot to your Facebook page, your Web site, or through SMS. We also provide you with access to a customized web-based SmartBot360™ Management Dashboard™ where you can monitor & control your chatbot's interactions, takeover the chat when desired, and access the key information extracted from each session.