Talk-to-Agent Queue


To better manage the users who need help from agents, you can use the Agent Queue. You can view the Queue under the CHATS page, as shown in the below image. In this example, there are two users waiting to talk to an agent.

A user may be placed in the Queue in two ways: by the bot or through the “Talk to agent” button (available only on Web bots).

how can a BOT place a user in Agent queue?

In any chat box, you may find the Agent Queue option under Advanced options. In the example below, the user is placed in the Queue when the execution reaches the Message box on the top right of the flow diagram.

Optionally, the bot can check if there is an online agent (that is, an agent that is logged into the SmartBot360 platform) before placing a user in the Queue. For that, use the Agent Status Condition box as shown below.

How can a user place themselves in the queue through the “talk to agent” button in a web bot?

You may use the talktoagent attribute in the Web bot snippet, as discussed in Web bot attributes.