CALENDAR integration using Acuity

SmartBot360 makes it easy to have your chatbot users make appointments without leaving the chatbot. For that, SmartBot360 integrates with Acuity, which supports its own calendar, and also integrates with Google, iCloud, and Outlook.

Here are the steps.

Step 1

Go to to create an Acuity account if you don’t already have one.

You must have a Powerhouse Player account in order to have access to an API key needed in the next steps.

Step 2

In your account, under Business Settings click Integrations, then under API click view credentials and copy the User ID and API Key.


Step 3

Next login to your SmartBot360 Management Dashboard.

Go to the SETTINGS page, and under Integrations click on the Acuity Scheduling icon. Specify your Acuity User ID, and API Key gathered from Step 2.


Step 5

Now you are ready to start using calendars in your bots.

Go to CHATBOTS to create a Flow Diagram bot. The bot should collect information about the end user (first and last name and email are required). You can use the User Profile box to collect user profile information as shown below.



Then, add a Acuity box as shown below. Note that the three user profile variables (user_email, user_fname, user_lname) were collected in the first three boxes of the diagram. When the bot execution reaches the Acuity box, SmartBot360 will generate an acuity scheduling link for the end user to click and schedule their appointment.

Note: The date and time of the scheduling appointment will be saved in the Acuity box save field.