Process Payments in Chatbots


SmartBot360 makes it easy to charge your customers for services sold through your chatbots. Suppose you want to sell tickets to an event through a chatbot. Here are the steps to achieve that.

Step 1

Create a Square account (if you don’t already have one). Then, while you are logged to your account at, create an Application. You will need the personal access token of the application in the next step. You will also need the locationID of your application.


Login to your SmartBot360 Management Dashboard and go to the SETTINGS page, then go to Square options. There, you can add “Square transactions”, by pasting your access token and locationID from above step, and also the price and quantity of the transaction. As Item name, enter anything to help you remember what this transaction is about.

For the example of an event ticket, suppose it is for a rock concert and costs $30, then you can add the transaction as follows:

Tip: you should test your chatbot using a Sandbox access token and a Sandbox locationID, which are available by Square when you view your application there.

Step 3

In the SmartBot360 Management Dashboard, go to the BUILD CHATBOTS page and create a new Flow Diagram chatbot. Add a Square Payment box, and select “rockconcert” as the payment option, as shown below.