Link bots - Jump from bot to bot

SmartBot360 makes it easy to link together several bots to create a single more complex bot. For example, a Flow Diagram bot may ask the user if they have any questions, and if yes, forward them to an FAQ bot. Or an FAQ bot can send a user to an Flow Diagram bot when they finish, which may ask them to evaluate their experience.

how to make a Flow Diagram bot jump to an FAQ bot (or to another Flow Diagram bot)

Step 1

Create a Flow Diagram bot, and use the Switch to Another Bot box. There, select the bot where you want to jump in the dropdown box. In the example below, if the user selects “Billing”, the user will jump to the faqbot1 bot.


Deploy the root bot, which is “jumbot1” in the above example. For example, in the below image we deploy on a Web bot. Make a copy of the botkey, as you will need it in the next step.

Also, make a copy of the snippet as this is the snippet you will paste in your web page to execute the root bot, which then jumps to the other bots.

Step 3

All bots that are linked together must be deployed on the same medium, which means in the same API key for Web bots, same Facebook page for Messenger, and same phone number for SMS.

Continuing the above example where we deploy on the Web, we need to deploy the destination bot (“faqbot1”) on the same API key. For that, go to CHATBOTS, load “faqbot1”, click “Save & Deploy”, click “Web” and then select the same API key as before, and also specify a hashtag (any hashtag), as shown below. Specifying a hashtag is necessary, because you are not allowed to have two bots with the same API key (or same Facebook page or same phone number) and with the same hashtag (or with no hashtag). Click “Deploy Web Bot” to finalize. An HTML snippet will be displayed, but you don’t need to do anything with it, as you only need to past the snippet of the root node in your Web page.


Similarly, you can deploy jumping bots on SMS and Messenger. You just need to make sure that the root bot has empty hashtag, and the destination ones have unique non-empty hashtags, and all are deployed on the same medium (SMS number or Facebook page).

how to make an FAQ bot jump to another bot (Flow Diagram or FAQ)

Step 1

Load the FAQ bot, and select the settings icon (looks like a gear) on the top right.

There, select the bot where you want to jump when the user clicks “Done” while interacting with the FAQ bot, as shown below:


Click “Save&Deploy” to deploy the FAQ bot (“faqbot1” in above figure).

Make a note of the API Key, if you deploy on the Web, and similarly to the above example, make sure that you deploy the destination bot (“Dentist” in above example) on the same medium (e.g., same API key for Web deployment) with a unique hashtag.