Thank you for your interest in SmartBot360!

Get Started

Here are some simple steps to create and deploy your first chatbot:

1.       Log in to Management Dashboard using your email and password.

2.      To create your first chatbot, from the top-right menu, select Bot Builder.


3. Create an FAQ chatbot by entering questions and answers (or by importing a CSV file).


4.       Click on “Build FAQ Bot”.

5.       Now, let’s deploy the new chatbot! Go to Deploy Chatbots.


6.       To deploy on a Web page, scroll down to Web Bot Deployments, select the chatbot you created earlier, specify a label (e.g., myfirstwebbot) and click “Deploy Web Bot”


7.       In the newly created row, click “HTML” and copy the HTML snippet, and paste it in the HTML of your Web page before </body>, or inside a Code object if you are using a Web site development tool like Wix or Squarespace.


8.       You are all set! Now visit your Web page and see your chatbot in action.

Next steps

After you have created your first chatbot you can:

1.       Monitor in real time its usage by going to the Dashboard.


2.       You may type a message at the bottom of a chat to takeover the conversation from the chatbot and start directly chatting with the user.

3.       You can create schedules (for Facebook Messenger and SMS bots only) by going to the Scheduling page, and then assign them to users.


4.       You can view analytics by going to the Analytics page

5.       You can manage accounts and access rights in Flags and Agents page

6.       You can add notification in the Settings page, where you specify an email that will receive notifications every time your chatbot is used.